Saturday, 5 November 2011

Knuckle down!

I'm coming to the end of my week off from work. It's been great to do NOTHING!!!
My other holidays were exhausting; Having an operation and recovering and getting married. So this time it was nice for Joe and I to just chill.
It's mainly involved eating loads of amazing foods (Krispy Kreme donuts, 7 Spices curry, homemade pizzas, Quorn sausage sandwiches for breakfast! Breakfast is a rare occurance here!) and Joe playing Batman Arkham Ciry on PS3. We've watched a couple of films along the way, had a few beers, a few afternoon naps.
This weekend, the last Saturday I will see before Christmas Day (eeeek!), I think we are going to go and look round the Abbeydale Antique centres then go for lunch at Amigos Kitchen for a tasty burrito!
Then it's staying in for NONfire night... veggie hot dogs, a film and looking after poor little Haylee who hates fireworks.

Monday, 31 October 2011


Despite the warm Autumn we are having it's always a milestone to get to Hallowe'en... my favourite mini-holiday! Of course I loooove Christmas but Hallowe'en is such fun and it brings back some great memories (except the year we couldn't go trick or treating due to torrential rain but I got dressed up anyway hoping when my parents saw me they'd relent. They did not thus I sat behind the dining room door in the dark and sobbed for hours.... No fun that year)
Not this year though! It's been a splendid year!
Last weekend was Celluloid Screams ( ) and the husband and I went to see INBRED ( ) which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in horror. A mix of black-comedy and gore... with a great cast who did a Q&A... perfect!
The next night was Tomie:Unlimited... Trippy! Followed by Re-Animator at the midnight showing, then up early to go see my favourite horror film, Hallowe'en, for and strangely scheduled 11.30 am showing. It was great to see it on original film on a big screen and I'm glad I roused myself.
What a great way to start the Hallowe'en season!
This weekend (The Real Deal) was spent pumpkin carving ( left; mine. right; Rachel's) with my oldest friend Rachel ( 24 years of friendship!) then settling down to watch Scared Shrekless and eat hallowe'en treats.
I used all my pumpkin-inners to make a pumpkin, raisin and orange loaf and a potato and pumpkin homity pie for my husband.
Saturday night was time for pizza, a bottle of red wine, The House By The Cememtery and a visit (again!) from Rachel and Kit.
Sunday, I managed to cram ANOTHER horror film in... The Woman. Interesting... Slow to start, bizarre indie soundtrack but ended on a bad-people-killing-high. Just the way I like it!
Tonight... Hallowe'en night... We've had our mini orange cream Oreo stash swiped by trick or treaters (resulting in us locking the gate . BOOOOOOO!) but are preparing home made pizzas and picking out some more films......
Goodbye Hallowe'en.... roll on Christmas!
Bring on the snow!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Edinburgh (3)

We took a train to North Berwick and it was so much fun!
We went to the Sea Bird Centre and looked out at the rocks where the gulls and puffins nest.
And I fewll in love with this lighthouse (I now have a hankering for my very own dolls house!)

Edinburgh (2)

We had a smug time being married...
And went to Hard Rock Cafe (I've never been) but the food was yummy (though I feared the veggie burger was real meat at first!)

Edinburgh (1)

I've not seen the sea since I went to Australia in 2005 so I got rather excited looking out the window!
... and spotted my dream house!
This was our bed (when we arrived!) it never looked so neat and fluffy again! It was actually the world's most uncomfortable bed and it woke you up with how hard it was!
Our first night we had a little wander and found the Brew Dog pub. Here we had a few pints of tasty ale but since we were still exhausted from all our getting married and stuff we toddled home and passed out!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Just around the corner.

It was my birthday a month ago and to me that signals END OF SUMMER! I'm pretty much over summer, ready for Autumn and its tights - wearing weather. I need woolly hats in my life, crunchy leaves on the floor, a sprinkling of frost in a morning. Mittens! Soup! Dark movie nights!
I'm fed up of feeling sticky and looking like a sweaty red faced freak all the time!
Roll on Autumn!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

THUMP! Back down to Earth! Well... sort of!

Jeepers! It's been some time! Its partly apple's fault as I do so much on my iPhone I never really sit down with the laptop... but here I am!
I feel it is only appropriate to begin with the biggest thing that's happened in my absence!
It was the best day ever! Lots of fun, got to spend time with friends and family, get dressed up and generally have a grand day!
The Bridesmaids slept over the night before for some crazy mayhem.... OK so we had a Greedy Greek take away then went to bed at 10.30pm but we needed our beauty sleeps!
I must say we looked pretty splendid!
They definitely added a bit of sauce to the proceedings!
The husband and I after our very solemn nuptials.... getting ready to par-taaaaay!
Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our wedding reception and honeymoon in Edinburgh.
If you fancy seeing the work by our professional photographer, who is fab, go have a look at